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Study Guides

University Level Study Guide (PDF format, 52 kb)

Secondary School Level Study Guide (PDF format, 20 kb)

Additional Materials

Presenting Rotuma to the World: The Making of The Land Has Eyes, by Alan Howard. Published in Visual Anthropology Review 22(1):74-96 (2006). PDF file (556kb)
Representations of Cultural Identities, by Vilsoni Hereniko. Published in Tides of History: The Pacific Islands in the Twentieth Century, edited by K.R. Howe, Robert C. Kiste, and Brij V. Lal. University of Hawaii Press (1994). PDF file (416kb)
Youth in Rotuma, Then and Now, by Alan Howard. Published in Adolescence in Pacific Island Societies, edited by Gilbert Herdt and Stephen Leavitt. University of Pittsburgh Press (1998). PDF file (236kb)
Rotuma: Interpreting a Wedding, by Alan Howard and Jan Rensel. Published in Portraits of Culture: Ethnographic Originals, edited by Melvin Ember, Carol Ember, and David Levinson. Prentice Hall (1994). PDF file (240kb)
Reflections on Change in Rotuma, 1959-1988, by Alan Howard. Published in Rotuma: Hanua Pumue (Precious Land), Fatiaki, A. et al. Suva: Institute for Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific (1991). PDF file (252kb)
For further information about Rotuma and the Rotuman people go to The Rotuma Website at www.rotuma.net